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Instant Cooling Towel ICE Cold Cool Golf Cycling Gym Sport Outdoor Double Layers

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Instant Cooling Towel ICE Cold Cool Golf Cycling Gym Sport Outdoor Double Layers

It is easy to tie if you will be moving around a lot. Works like a charm as golf club head cover, cooling bandana or neck wrap. Longer inches make the towel perfect for athletes, runners, sports fans into workout, gym and fitness, females suffering with side effects of heat stress, hot flashes; patients who need cold therapy after operations, surgeries; gardeners doing yard work, mowing the lawn and workers working out in summer heat

CHILLS INSTANTLY, Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material makes it easy to activate the chilling towel when you simply soak, wring out and snap it. Re-wet to reactivate it. Unlike PVA material that drys to cardboard, it is silky soft, pliable, easily folds up & fits into a gym bag.

HOW IT WORKS? The super absorbent fiber weave technology of the mesh towel regulates the water inside and ensures water retention, so it's treating it kind of like an air-conditioner, and within seconds you get cold. Like sweat on you skin, when water evaporates it cools. Any ole cotton or microfiber towel would work, but not as well design to maximize evaporative cooling or comfort. If you are sweating a lot, rinse the 'salty water' out from time to time. Salt reduces evaporation/cooling rate

1. Summer cold towel, put water in cold soon, give you a cool summer.
2. Suitable for outdoor activities, medical treatment, daily life etc.
3. Material made from polyester and cold yarn, with good quality.
4. Can be repeated use, environmental protection and energy saving, besides, not easily color fade.

Texture: High density cold yarn
Material: Polyester
Size: Approx. 30 x 90cm