Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
Electric Fence Tester
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Electric Fence Tester

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    Electrical Fence Voltage Tester

    1. Superior Texture: Constructed from ABS and copper material for cold weather, the fence tester is easy to carry, tough, safe and reliable.
    2. Professional Tester: With wide voltage measuring range, the fence tester is designed for low impedance and standard fence controllers, perfect solution to the problem meets the needs of use.
    3. LCD Screen Shows Voltage: Through the LCD screen indicates 20‑15000V voltage on the farm fence. Keep one on hand for regular fence line maintenance.
    4. Elaborate Design: Electric Fence detector can be matched to animals control situation, offering design flexibility. You can use it fixing your electric fence or works well for testing your fence voltage.
    5. Good Performance: Though professional manufacturing and superb craftsmanship, the fence tester has premium performance which is best and stable.
    6.Application: For Measuring voltage of any metal wire, multiple wires, ropes and multiple tapes. Testing fence lines, actuators, ground systems, hook wires and fence components. And used on farms, home gardens, sheep, pets, horses and livestock pens

    Item Type: Fence Tester Fault Finder
    Product Material: ABS and copper
    Weight: Approx. 148g
    Voltage Test Range: 20-15000V
    Type: Detection series
    Purpose: Test electronic fence voltage
    Battery (delivered without battery) : Use 6F22 9V battery x 1
    Product Size: Approx. 7.5x2.5cm

    Package Content:
    1 x Fence Tester Fault Finder
    1 x Carry bag
    1 x Instructions