10PCS Fence Spikes
10PCS Fence Spikes
10PCS Fence Spikes
10PCS Fence Spikes
10PCS Fence Spikes
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10PCS Fence Spikes

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    10x Bird Spikes Human Cat Possum Mouse Pest Control Spiked Fence Wall Deterrent

    Color: Brown
    Material: High-quality Propylene Plastic
    Size (L x H x W): 485mm x 17mm x 42mm

    Keep Intruders Away: Our anti-climb spikes are the best tool to prevent human intruders/cats/birds/other animals from trespassing your yard and protect your property. The low-price and high-reliability deterrent spikes will ensure that there are no more garbage and noise left by animals on your fence, and no more animal walks on your roof.
    Easy to Install: Simple DIY installation on any flat surface walls and anywhere pests are a problem. No assembly required. Each bird spike strip can be fixed by screw, adhesive tape, glue and even cable tied.
    Install Anywhere: Simple plastic strips to install on top of any flat surface. For example fences, gates, sheds, railings, ledges, boundary walls etc.
    Weather Resistant Material: Made up of high-quality robust propylene plastic which makes them highly durable. The spikes are also weather resistant and do not get corroded unlike the metallic spikes.
    Humane Solution-Plastic Bird Spikes: Replace the barbed wire or glass shards, they are only to cause enough physical stimulation to intruders, but they will not cause serious harm to animals/humans.
    Easy to Clean: Just simply hose off if the product becomes dirty, no need for scrubbing.
    Widely Use: These bird spikes provide additional security to your home and can also be used to deter birds, squirrel, pigeons on window ledges, gutters and other wildlife in and around the garden.

    Package Included
    10 x 48.5cm x 4.2cm Fence Spikes