6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows
6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows
6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows
6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows
6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows
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6Pcs Archery Fiberglass Arrows

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    6Pcs 31" Hunting Target Practice Fiberglass Arrows Archery Game Arrow for Traditional Longbow and Recurve Bow.
    This Hunting Arrows are made of high quality Fiberglass, durable and good balance; Nocks are not fixed by glue, they can be adjusted for your bow; The bullet tips are rounded permanent nickel-plated stainless steel, optimal accuracy and target penetration which is perfect for target practice & outdoor shooting.
    Arrows Feather, high quality and durable rubber tail fine workmanship, smooth don't damage the bowstring, use with ease; Colored plastic fletching make flight always pointed the right way.
    Arrows Length: 31 Inches; Diameter: 6 mm; SP: 750; Plastic Vanes: 3 Inch; Color: 2 Blue 1 White; Net weight: 31g/pc; Package: 6Pcs =Fiberglass Arrows.

    Condition: New
    Specification: Fit for Recurve/Compound Bow
    Arrows body Length: 31"
    Material: Plastic Feather, Fiberglass Shaft
    Weight: about 31g/pc
    Color: 2 Blue 1 White (3 inch Vanes)

    1. Nickel-plated stainless steel glued-on bullet tip, Low hand shock with good speed, Extraordinary durability for extended use, Perfect for target practice & outdoor shooting.
    2. Plastic arrow feather is made from soft elastic plastic sheet, it has the advantage of cheap, flight quieter, adhesive and easy, durable, is not afraid of water, Basically can adapt to all kinds of weather, it is a good choice of bow hunting.

    Package Included:
    6pcs Fiberglass Arrows