Sports Yoga Gym Stretch Cotton Headband
Sports Yoga Gym Stretch Cotton Headband
Sports Yoga Gym Stretch Cotton Headband
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Sports Yoga Gym Stretch Cotton Headband

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    Sports Yoga Gym Stretch Cotton Headband Head Hair Band Armband Girls Womens Kids


    This headband is very good for sports, leisure or out door activities. Use during exercise to avoid the impact of sweat on the head and forehead during exercise. Can also be used as an armband

    1 Absorb sweat, protection, decoration
    2 Beautiful, professional style
    3 Extremely comfortable to wear
    4The sports headband is made of high-quality soft cotton material. The double-layer structure can effectively protect the wearer's head and reduce the impact force caused by the intense collision. It is suitable for all kinds of sports.
    5Whether it is playing football, playing basketball, playing tennis, or other street sports, you can use the protective gear, in addition to the protective effect can also play a decorative role.
    6The headband is also called a headscarf. The function of the headband is to fix the hair and prevent the hair from covering the eyes. Due to the strenuous exercise, the head of the human body will be hot and sweaty. Therefore, the headband also has the function of preventing sweat from flowing into the eyes. The headband has a delicate and soft appearance, good breathability and strong sweat absorption. It is especially suitable for people to use in sports, fitness and leisure. It is an excellent sporting goods and headwear.
    7The headband can also be used as a headline rope for a few more rounds. When the woman washes her face and makes a mask, she can wrap her hair and exercise it with great spirit. Towels, superb elasticity!

    Dimensions: about 5~5.5CM wide and about 16~17CM long (flexible)

    Colour: Black, Yellow, Pink

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