Pet Water Fountain Feeder
Pet Water Fountain Feeder
Pet Water Fountain Feeder
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Pet Water Fountain Feeder

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    LED Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain Dog Cat Drinking Bowl 2L

    Cat Water Fountain, Ultra Silent Cat Fountain 67oz/2L, with LED Light, Activated Carbon Filter, Pet Water Fountain for Cats and Small Dogs(Grey)

    Quad Filtration System: The cat fountain is made of high-density cotton, coconut shell, activated carbon and ion exchange resin. It can filter out the impurities, remove the peculiar smell, soften the water quality, and improve the taste. You can provide your pet with fresher and cleaner water to prevent it from getting sick.

    2L Large Capacity: The 2L cat fountain is very suitable for small to medium-sized pets, without the need for frequent refilling of water. Even if you are on a business trip or traveling for 3-5 days, the cat fountain can provide enough water, free your steps and make you travel worry-free.

    Built-in LED light: Built-in LED light and external translucent design, allowing you to monitor the water level at any time, without having to open the cat drinker each time to check if you want to add water. At the same time, the LED lights also have the lighting function, your cat can easily find the cat fountain in the dark.

    3 Water Flow Designs: Flower waterfall, flower bubble, soft fountain, each water flow design can meet the different needs of pets. This toy-like design, various forms of water flow, and bold colors can encourage your cat to drink water, which is beneficial for your pet's kidney health.

    Power Supply: 5V 1A USB
    Cable: 1.8M
    Water Capacity: 2L
    size 16 x 16 x 12.5cm

    1 x Pet Water fountain
    1 x Water pump
    1 x filter
    1 x user manual